15 Free Useful Android Apps

15 Free Useful Android Apps

Android smartphones have been taking the market by storm, owing to their abundance of apps, replaceable batteries, and USB charging, among many other qualities. The main reason why people are becoming ever fonder of androids is that they act as a super affordable alternative to the pricey iPhone. Google Play comes packed with over one million apps, many of them completely free of charge. Now we know that you love social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and games like Candy Crush or Subway Surfers, but you probably didn’t purchase your smartphone just to communicate and play around. In Google Play you can discover countless apps that are not only user-friendly, but also very useful all-around. Whether you’re keen on traveling, being organized or even budgeting, android smartphones have definitely got you covered. We have hand-picked the top 15 free useful android apps that you can install on your smartphone right now and that will probably make your life a lot easier. Discover all of them below and let us know about your opinion on useful apps for androids in a comment after the article.

1. SkyScanner

Does your job require you to travel a lot on business trips? Do you love visiting foreign countries and discovering their cultures? How about going on exotic vacations? SkyScanner has got you covered for each and every one of your air traveling needs. This flight app has not only won various awards, but has also succeeded in helping out more than 35 million travelers for getting them the best deals on plane tickets. It saves you both time and money by finding you cheap flights all around the world.

2. Navfree

The classic Navfree, now rebranded as Navmii GPS World in Google Play, is a wonderful alternative to your good ol’ internet-based Google Maps. More than 20 million android users have installed the app until now, rewarding Navfree with thousands of five-star reviews. Navfree is basically a voice-guided navigation tool that offers real-time road information and traffic, a super fast search and precise details without requiring an internet connection. Just be sure to download the variant for the country you will be traveling to beforehand and you will be good to go!

3. Clean History

You can literally never have enough space on your android smartphone. Clean History is an excellent tool that helps you clean up any unwanted files on your phone that are taking up the space you need. It cleans up browser history, all app cache, and clipboards, incoming, outgoing and missed calls, Chrome, YouTube and Google search history and optimizes your memory all at the same time. Enough said!

4. CamScanner

Whoever thought that your smartphone can replace your scanner at the office or at home? Even though it doesn’t help with large files you aim on scanning, CamScanner allows you to scan, store and sync files not only on your smartphone, but also on tablets and computers. This app comes loaded with all sorts of cool features, like quick search, quality optimization and simply scanning dogs with your camera.

5. Evernote

Evernote is probably one of the most popular useful apps available to android owners in Google Play. This particular app is possibly one of the best tools for organizing all of your ideas, content and almost anything else you could ever imagine in your smartphone. If you have problems getting things together in a proper order, count on Evernote to fulfill your needs free of charge.

6. Android Device Manager

You can always count on Google for giving you top-notch apps for free. Make sure to have Android Device Manager installed in order to prevent any unpleasant situations. This means that if your phone gets stolen or if you lose it, you can locate it, reset your PIN code and erase all data so your personal information won’t get in the wrong hands.

7. AccuWeather

No android weather app is more accurate than… AccuWeather, of course. It provides the user with minute-by-minute forecasts that can become super specific (even your own street address!). It is certainly the most up-to-date tool for finding out weather conditions all around world in real time.

8. Dropbox

Yes, the life-saving Dropbox is available for your android smartphone, too! If you don’t know how the tool works, it’s as simple as its name: drop your files and access them any time you want, wherever you are. You can save videos, photos and email attachments directly to Dropbox and share your content with other users.

9. Money Tracker

Are you a big spender who wants to cut down on expenses and organize their budget? Then MoneyTracker is just what you need. Keep track of all your expenses and analyze your statistics on multiple accounts. You can also back up all your info to Dropbox or Google Drive, so you can have access to it everywhere you need.


If “This” Then “That” is what IFTTT stands for. It’s an amazing tool that can connect basically anything with anything else. You can connect not only channels, but also other devices and set commands based on the simple formula “if this then that”. With a super cool interface, the sky is the limit for connecting all your needs with IFTTT.

11. Kindle

If you’re an avid reader, then Kindle is at the top of your must-have apps list. It allows you to download and read books from all across the globe, saving you tons of bucks and time on books you buy in stores. The Kindle library provides more than 1,000,000 books for you to choose from, out of which thousands are completely free.

12. Shazaam

You know that song you always hear in commercials that you can’t quite put your finger on? Or how about hearing an awesome tune in the club and wondering who the artist was? Shazaam will definitely solve all of your music-related inquires. With just a single tap, Shazaam helps you find out the name of the song and the artist who sings it in a matter of seconds.

13. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

You can totally tell by the name of this app that it is absolutely delightful. Who wouldn’t want to learn foreign languages without paying a cent? Duolingo helps you learn French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, and English for free, in a super fun way. It is one of the most appreciated apps in Google Play, so check it out and enjoy learning!

14. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife is the virtual alternative for the physical version. Although it has a pretty basic interface, it contains all sorts of small tools that really come in hand in various situations. Enjoy a flashlight, a timer, a calculator, a ruler, and even a magnifying glass, among others.

15. Google Translate

Our final choice of useful free apps is pretty self-explanatory and well-known, but will always come in handy when you need it the most. If you’re visiting a foreign country and don’t understand menus, signs or any other pieces of written information, just introduce the words into google translate and understand them in the language of your choice.

Photo credits: Androidauthority.net, Androidandme.com, Innovationwebgroups.com,  Android-play.cz.

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