15 Great Sliding Doors Ideas

15 Great Sliding Doors Ideas

Sliding glass doors are an efficient and very chic choice for saving space and opt for a minimal look. Take a look at some great glass sliding doors ideas for your home.

Sliding glass doors are perfect for homes with compact space, since the doors can close and open without needing to much space when opening. They also allow the room to be very luminous as they let natural light to enter inside the house and as well plenty of fresh air.

This kind of doors are usually large and up to twice as large as classic doors, meaning it would be easy to pass trough it and even move things around. Another great thing about them, is that they give the illusion of more space, as glass has the ability of creating optical illusions, which makes sliding glass doors a great idea to give small rooms the feeling of being bigger and comfortable.

In this article, we are going to present 15 stylish designs of sliding glass doors. This kind of doors can be placed almost in every place of the house, starting with the bedroom door, the bathroom or even use it as a divider between the living room and the patio. For more information, insight and maybe even inspiration, check out the sliding glass doors ideas presented below.

The Kuppersmith Home

This very elegant custom designed sliding  glass door, opens up to the yard of the house with its double doors. The glass doors are simply gorgeous and they have screens retracted out of sight when it they are not in use.

Hinge House

This sliding glass doors are a great idea for the bedroom door, as they save a lot of space and allow light to  enter the room. The doors are a combination of both modern and beautiful at the same time.

Tarrytown Pavilion

This further doors have a minimalist look. The doors are in sectional sliders, instead of a folding door idea that is awesome for the living room that opens  towards the pool. Trough the glass you have a great view of the pool from inside the house and it also naturaly illuminates the room.

Eastern Point Pool Retreat

Imagine looking at a beautiful view trough these sliding glass doors and just laying down and relaxing. This is a perfect example of elegant perfectly placed doors.

Diva Air- Sliding System for Glass Doors

This is another elegant and modern idea of sliding glass doors, which would look superb as a bathroom or a bedroom door. The appearance of the door is accentuated even more by the exposed sliding tracks, known for the simple lines.

Home Office and Bedroom

This idea is not bad at all  to use for a bedroom that is connected to an office. The sliding glass doors don’t  work only as dividers, but they are also space savers and allow direct access to each of the two rooms.

Hover House 3

Even tough these sliding glass doors can appear as a very simple idea, their elegance is given by the stainless steel door handle, and matches very nice with the green walls of the room. This sliding glass door is simple but made elegant with stainless steel door handles and blends well

Magic Vetro VB- Concealed Sliding System for Glass Door

I f you like, you can opt for a concealing sliding door with special sliding system, as the lower and upper part of the system are invisible. Isn’t this a pretty awesome trick?

Gulf Harbour

This large sliding glass door system opens up to the patio of the house, and is lovely with white siding that blends well with the home.

Twin Glass Sliding Door

Twin sliding glass doors with a twist on the glass, the added cracked design is eye-catching and adds a bit of privacy.

DOL Metal Sliding Door

Simple and  chic single and double panel exposed sliding glass doors that save you a lot of space. If you are going for a minimalist contemporary look, this one is worth trying.

Door Model “DOL”- Sliding Version

A stylish double sliding door with frames of steel in polished siding, that is the best fit into this contemporary inspired house.

Encino Modern

A great design idea for a mid century modern house, with big sliding glass doors that offers the room an opening  into the garden. Beautiful and simple, are the words to describe this design, that lets you admire the beauty of the garden, but still manages to divide the room from the garden when closing the sliding glass doors.

Dayoris Sliding Doors

These sliding glass doors are perfect for a bathroom, a closet, or even a mini library, since the frosted glass offers privacy.

Lagoon House

Sliding glass doors that connect the exterior with the interior of this home which is a combination of nature/modern design. This glass door choice fits smoothly into the décor and its main idea.

Sliding door are always a great idea to add to your house, no matter what is the style you are going for. There is something  about this type of doors, they have a special charm, and have that “Je ne sais quois”,  that many people wish to incorporate inside their houses. Apart from their different aspect, the doors let you see outside but at the same time still keep the privacy and safety.

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