20 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

20 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is a very personal room inside a home. There are a lot of ways in which you can decorate it and some of them are quite cheap, such as using pictures on the wall to give it a more vintage look, use colorful towels to open up the space and so on. Whether you’re searching for ideas on how to decorate small bathrooms or larger, master bathrooms, we’ve made a list of our favorite 20 bathroom decorating ideas for you to try.

1. Blue Tiles in a Luxurious Bath

The wall with blue tiles is the main attraction in this beautiful bathroom. The curved and dark cabinets work great in contrast with the lighter colored floor.

2. Red Pattern Wallpaper

This beautiful bathroom is defined by the brown and red vibrant wallpaper. A mirror with black frame and the black vanity break the pattern and give clean and sharp lines. The lights brighten the room and give it a little more contrast.

3. Freestanding Tub in a Contemporary Bathroom

This bathroom is especially designed for relaxation. Smooth stones that surround the freestanding tub are serene and look beautiful. The floor space is free thanks to the shelf next to the tub that is wall-mounted and there is a lot of natural light coming in from the huge window.

4. Stone Tub in a Traditional Bathroom

In this traditional bathroom the main attraction is the gorgeous brown tub. Combined with matching color vanities, neutral curtains and tile flooring, this bathroom is unique and beautiful.

5. Neutral Bathroom with a Great View

The dark frame around the freestanding tub results in a smooth focal point inside this bathroom. Cabinets matching in the dark tone of the frame and the black countertop provide great contrast in the room.

6. Brown and Blue Wallpaper in a Small Bathroom

The brown tiles complement perfectly the baroque brown and blue wallpaper in this bathroom. The crystal ceiling fixture gives a great ambiance.

7. Double Vanity in a Large Bathroom

This beautiful large yellow bathroom has a long double vanity with cabinets made of wood, a very spacious shower and a contemporary tub.

8. Wood Ceiling in a Rustic Bathroom

This bathroom almost looks like an old outhouse from the western days because of its barn-style additions and wood panels.

9. Beautiful Contemporary Small Bathroom

A mix of black and gold gives this small bathroom a contemporary feel. The light coming from the pendant fixture enhances the 3D stars that appear to float in the air.

10. Textured Walls in an Asian-Inspired Bathroom

The white textured walls and vanities made out of dark wood give this beautiful bathroom a refreshing, crisp look. The ceiling calls the attention of a guest to the fan while a glass frameless shower sits very discreet in the corner of the room.

11. Pale Pink and Green in a Feminine Bathroom

This bathroom screams femininity as it is decorated elegantly in pale pink and green. The wall sconces, the flower vase and the candles add to this beautiful bathroom’s discreet elegance.

12. Tulips in a Tropical Bathroom

Never forget to put greenery and flowers in a bathroom. The asymmetry in these growing things will offset the many lines and sharp angles in the room.

13. Neutral Bathroom

A palette featuring neutral colors brings a lot of warmth in transitional bathrooms. And a chandelier really complements a white tub and makes this room a great place for relaxation.

14. Glass Shower in a Contemporary Bathroom

This contemporary bathroom features a frameless glass shower, dark brown cabinetry and Caesar stone countertops. The large window lets in a lot of natural light.

15. Claw-Foot Soaking Tub in a Rustic Bathroom

There is a lot of natural light in this beautiful rustic master bathroom that has a very luxurious soaking tub. Contrast in the space is accomplished by the light marble that covers the dual vanities and the hardwood creates continuity throughout the entire room.

16. Red Claw-Foot Tub in a Small Green Bathroom

In this beautiful green bathroom the star is the red painted claw-foot tub. The tub is framed by white beadboard and the printed towels and colorful art add structure in the space.

17. Small Pink Victorian Bathroom

This tiny bathroom is turned into a treasure by the silver and pink wallpaper. The metal étagère uses best the space available while offering storage for accessories (like the bust of Beethoven) and towels.

18. Freestanding Tub in a Light Blue Bathroom

An architectural focal point is offered by the freestanding tub and it serves as a separation between the shower and toilet part of the bathroom.

19. Spacious White Shower in a Neutral Transitional Bathroom

In this tranquil bathroom it is obvious that contrast is the key. Black furniture really stands out against the big white shower and the walls colored in beige. The window gives the room an airy look and brightens it.

20. French Country Bathroom

This is a very cozy place because of the footed, yellow tub framed by floral, yellow curtains. The antique door and wood cabinet perfectly complement the French Country feel of this beautiful small bathroom.

There you have it. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have money to spend on your dream bathroom in your house or apartment, this was our list of 20 bathroom decorating ideas. We hope you found what you were looking for among these 20 bathrooms and wish you the best of luck with your decoration.

Images source: hgtv.coma

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