Corner Shower Units – How to Have a Cleansing Time in Style

Corner Shower Units – How to Have a Cleansing Time in Style

People usually see a bathroom as a relaxing sanctuary right in their homes. This is where they remain alone with their thoughts while carrying on their daily washing rituals. As a consequence, the general atmosphere in this part of a house should be warm, soothing, and tranquil. Usually, corner shower units eliminate the choking feeling of a small place, and they also come with a lot more features than a bathtub.

While planning the design of the bathroom, many people face the dilemma of where to place the bathing area Nowadays, interior design is all about minimalistic objects. This is because people prefer urban areas where affordable homes come in small sizes. Consequently, many are opting for corner shower units. These products are an excellent way to save space. This convenient trait makes them ideal for small bathrooms. Fortunately, there are many models out there to suit each taste. Here are several stylish picks for your bathroom and some words of advise before going ahead and purchasing one.

Suggestions for Best Corner Shower Units

#1 Aston SD908-III

Price: $729.00





When selecting a shower unit, bear in mind the space available in your bathroom. You don’t want to cramp up your shower products or hit your elbow every time you are using the unit. This is why we are starting this list with a generous product. If you have enough space to install a large corner shower unit, then 32 to 42-inch dimensions will probably be of interest to you.

In case of a luxury bathroom, you could even install a few furniture pieces to give it a royal look. A glamorous bench in the middle of your bathroom can make this room more cozy and elegant at the same time.


#2 Bath Masters 8004

Price: $1,1600





Colour and comfort will not be an issue. However, you might want to think whether or not you will be missing some mellow and soothing pastels. For the frames you could either use transparent glass or frosted glass; the latter is quickly growing popularity.

This is a Cadillac for corner shower units. It can make your shower time a lot more fun and recreation with its six body massage jets that follow acupuncture practice. You can also expect foot massages from this unit and the shower will be abundant on water thanks to its overhead rainfall shower. For an extra $150, the company will ship a steamer too as an optional hot utility.

Choices at the Crossroad between Comfort and Technology

Price: $699.00





One of the best parts of having a corner shower unit is the thousand different ways you can accessorize it. Apart from just housing a normal water head for a regular bath, you can add steam showers, acupuncture massage jets, aromatherapy, temperature settings, color therapy, steam sauna, computerized control panel with a timer, to name a few.

The creative process will depend highly on your own expectations and preferences. However, it is good to know the range of options the market has to offer you. The shower unit can be a personification of you if it comes to that. The stall itself comes with various decorative panels and fixtures that will make your bathroom your favorite place in the house.

Choose Durability above Other Features

Price: $1,136.80

Corner shower units can be a great asset to your bathroom and make the best use of space there is, regardless of whether you own a big or small bathroom. Almost all shower kits and enclosures are making the most of a limited space.

However, it is crucial to invest in a corner shower unit that is durable. All these features come at a price, and you won’t be getting your money’s worth if you’re constantly replacing fixtures. Of all the aspects you look for in a unit, durability should be at the top of the list. You can easily spot a resistant product by the type of material it uses.

For instance, fiberglass and tempered glass are convenient choices. However, if these come with extra supporting layers based on gel, their value is higher. Nonetheless, tempered glass is the ideal choice thanks to its sturdiness. On top of that, producers find it malleable enough to create special designs on it.

Browse through a Comprehensive Collection of Designs

Price: $2,308.95

The first thing that can tell a person if a certain product is right for them is the design. Physical aspect can always send a story to viewers which will surely resonate with the aspirations consumers have. Even though it is more important to cover functionality and durability first, the model is still a crucial phase in selecting the ideal shower unit.

The market possesses a comprehensive collection of designs. The base can come in round or square shape. On the one hand, round units will give the illusion of a more spacious room. On the other hand, square units preserve the classic look of a traditional bathroom.

Moreover, the acrylic and tempered glass are materials that offer flexibility when it comes to design. These can bring a bathroom to life with colorful patterns or a crisp, see-through panels.


Corner shower units are not just about saving space. They can turn a bathroom into your favorite place in the whole house. When deciding to select one, don’t forget that utility and durability should be your top priorities. Drop us a line in the comment box bellow with your own opinion about this essential asset for a bathroom.

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