Excellent Eye Makeup Tips for Organic Products

Excellent Eye Makeup Tips for Organic Products

We have been hearing a lot lately about organic products and how organic food is of course, a lot healthier than processed food. However, what about our make-up? Women use make-up products almost every day without being aware of the true price of beauty.

Today we will be talking about one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies: our eyes and the skin around them and some excellent eye makeup tips. The skin around our eyes is not only highly sensitive but it is also one of the parts that gets large amounts of attention in terms of make-up.

Who does not want bigger eyes through the magic of make-up? How about longer, fuller eyelashes? Have you seen the dramatic impact that a smokey eyes make-up can achieve? Well, before thinking about how to apply make-up, think about on what make-up you should actually apply. Many eye make-up products have in their composition chemicals and other harmful ingredients which can cause serious problems, especially if the make-up is not used properly.

This is why people have started considering organic products instead of regular ones. Of course, it is difficult to find a 100% organic make-up product especially if it’s not homemade but in this article, you will find several organic choices in terms of eye make-up and also tips on how to better use the products.

Let’s get started!

Foundation & Concealer

Before applying your make-up, be sure your skin is grease and residue free. To make sure of that, use a make-up remover. Start by applying a foundation primer on your upper lid using either your fingers or a foundation brush. The primer can be an optional choice, but it helps giving a base that your eye shadow can stick to and provides a smoother surface.

Use foundation on your under-eye circles to even out your skin tone.


  •  Instead of applying foundation in small dots, try to create fading lines. This will help you blend in any liquid surplus and make your skin look lighter.
  • When shopping for foundation, don’t match the color of the foundation to your cheeks; match it to your neck. The skin on your neck is less exposed and gives you your actual skin tone.
  • You can also mix different shades of foundation to find the perfect match to your skin tone.

One of the finest organic make-up products you can find are from Zuii. Here you can find Zuii’s Organic Foundation Primer and also the Organic Foundation.

Eye Shadow & Eyeliner

Many things have to be taken into consideration when talking about eye shadow and eyeliner. Matching the color of the eye shadow to the color of your eyes is one of the most important. The shape of your eye is also important for the overall look of your eye make-up.

Highlight Midtone Contour – These are the three keywords you need to know when talking about applying eye makeup.

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The highlight (yellow) is the lightest shade of the eye shadow shades you are about to use. Apply it on your brow bone and also on your upper lid and inside corners of your eyes.

The Midtone (blue) is the blending shade and it should be a bit darker than your highlight. Start by applying it from the outside corner of your eyelid, moving towards the inner corner of your eyelid.

The Contour (red) is the darkest shade out of all three and it is the shade used for a stunning effect. It should be applied on the crease of your eyelid moving towards the outer corner of your eye. Use the same shade to draw a line under your lower lid and then push the color up towards your brow, blending everything together.

Tips in regards of eye color


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Eye Makeup tips for brown eyes:

Use eye shadow in any color you want because having brown eyes gives your eyes the opportunity to pop no matter what color shade of eye shadow you use. This is also available for different colors of eyeliner.

Eye Makeup tips for blue eyes:

The only colors you need to avoid in terms of eye shadow are different shades of blue. To intensify the blue color of your eyes try opting for earthy colors or different shades of peach or pink.

Eye Makeup tips for green eyes:

Green eyes will look stunning even if you choose green as the color of your eye shadow. However, peach and pink make the green in your eyes look a bit dirty so opt for dark earthy or blue shades.

Eye Makeup tips for grey eyes:

Light shades of eye shadow do not accentuate grey eyes very much so try choosing bolder, darker colors.

Eye Makeup tips for hazel eyes:

Hazel can mean either a mixture between green and blue eye colors or between brown and green. Try finding out which color is the most prominent and refer to the above mentioned make-up tips.

Tips in regards of eye shape


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Asian, almond, down turned or protruding, all eye shapes are beautiful in their own way. In the following you will find tips for the most common eye shapes.


Makeup tips for small eyes:

  • To make your eyes look bigger use a white pencil on the inner rim of your eye.
  • Applying mascara on the eyelashes of both your upper and lower lid can make your eyes look bigger as well.

 Makeup tips for hooded eyes:

  • Avoid using your highlight tone or a dark eye shadow on your entire lid.
  • Don’t highlight your brow bone too much or you will end up with an even more hooded effect.

Make up tips for deep set eyes:

  • Use you’re your highlight in the lightest shade and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes as well. This will create the effect of a bigger distance between the eyes.
  • Darker shades should be used only on the outer corners of your eyes.

Make up tips for wide set eyes:

  • To make your eyes look like they are set closer together, use a darker shade of eye shadow to darken the inside corners of your eyes.
  • Avoid applying dark eye shadows in the outer corners of your eyes because you will make the distance between your eyes appear even bigger.

Make up tips for protruding eyes:

  • Avoid using highlight because your eyes are already accentuated.
  • Try using eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids to make the eye look a bit smaller.

Is skin tone important?

Yes! Women with darker skin might find wearing light shades of eye shadow a bit too bold and the same goes with lighter skin shades and dark colors.

For some organic eye shadows and eyeliners check out Vapour Beauty and also Zuii.



  • Always use an eyelash comb or a clear mascara brush to get rid of clumps in your eyelashes.
  • Apply baby powder between layers of mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller.
  • If you want your eyelashes to look longer, apply mascara at the bottom of your eyelashes instead of applying it on the tips.

A great choice in terms of organic mascara can be found here.

If you are interested in how to create your own natural makeup, check out this link. It is actually not that difficult and you can actually control what products are used in your makeup.

For a healthier life be sure to always read the labels of everything you buy. You might end up surprised on how many chemicals you ingest on a daily basis.

What other eye makeup tips do you use? Let us know in the comments below!



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