How To Activate Windows 8

It was in 2011 that Microsoft had announced its latest OS, Windows 8. It wasn’t until 2012 that Microsoft had released it into the market. However, by that time, most of the Windows users were very much familiar and comfortable with the predecessor, Windows 7. The transition period was a little too much, because Windows 8 is best suited for touch screens. Navigating through it with a mouse is tedious and often exasperating. Nevertheless, it takes getting used to. But once you do, there’s no coming back.

Windows 8

If you’ve purchased a new laptop after October 2012, the default OS is Windows 8. But if you’ve upgraded your OS with Windows 8, you’ll need to activate it either with a license key or ‘Double Click’ method using an activator. Depending on which method you choose to adopt, steps for both are listed below.

Activation through license key:

1. On the desktop move your cursor over the right most corner (top or bottom) to view the menu option like search and start, etc.

2. Once that menu band is visible, click on ‘Search’ and type in ‘cmd’ in the box. Open the Command Prompt Box.

3. In the command prompt box, type in ‘slui 3’. Note that there is a space between ‘slui’ and ‘3’. Press enter.

4. The Windows Activation Panel will be opened and in the ‘Product Key’ box, copy and paste your product or license key.

5. Click on ‘Activate’ and Windows 8 is now activated.

In case you’ve got the product key wrong and this method shows you an error, you can always use the 2nd method given below. For those of you, who anyway don’t have a product key, follow the steps given below.


Activate Windows 8 with an activator:

1. Download the zip file from here.

2. Extract the contents of the zip folder, preferably on your desktop for easy access.

3. Open the folder and look for the activator. Once you see it, double click on it.

4. In case your anti-virus goes berserk and starts displaying messages about the file, ignore it and continue with the installation.

5. After you double click, wait for a minute or so and your system will automatically restart.

6. Just to be on the safe side, check the activation status and if it’s activated, you’re good to go.


Please make sure you have a .Net Framework 3.5 to run the activator. To check whether the activation is successful or not, you can use keyboard shortcuts by pressing ‘Start + Pause’.

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