15 Most Inspirational Movies on Netflix

15 Most Inspirational Movies on Netflix


With so many different genres to pick from, choosing the perfect movie to end a long day can prove to be a rather difficult thing to do. In order to ease your task, we have compiled a list of the most inspirational movies on Netflix. Whether you choose to watch them with your family, your friends or even by yourself, these top recommendations will certainly provide you with a boost of motivation to recharge your batteries.

Witness some of the most spectacular journeys, battles or incredible events that some people had to endure in order to either make a name for themselves or even save their lives. Learn from both their ambitions as well as mistakes, and set out on your own adventure!


1. Rocky (1976)

This all-time classic is a must on any movieholic’s inspirational movies on Netflix list out there. Although the story of this world-renowned boxer is already well embedded into anyone’s head, no harm could come from re-watching this masterpiece again and again. In short, grab some popcorn, find a relaxing spot on the couch and watch this working-class boxer rise to fame through hard work and sheer will.

2. Rudy (1993)

When it comes to inspirational movies on Netflix, you must definitely not miss this one. It tells the story of a dyslexic  teen that aspires to be a great football player. Even though he has no money to pay for the tuition fees and his grades aren’t helping much, either, he doesn’t give up on his dream.

Moreover, after his best friend dies in a tragic accident, he has to overcome all the unfortunate events and double the focus to achieve his goals. In the end, he manages to gain admission to his favorite University. Watch until the end in order to witness his journey to the top.

3. Maidentrip (2003)

This movie tells the tale of Laura Dekker, the youngest person to sail around the world alone. It pictures a young 14-year-old Laura struggling to overcome obstacles in order to achieve her goal. It is a great movie to watch with your family, especially if you have kids that want to set some impressive goals and make a name for themselves.

However, it doesn’t mean that they have to become sailors, as well. Nevertheless, they could learn a lot about determination and focus, thanks to this particular movie.

4. Rising from Ashes (2012)

This feature-length documentary tells the story of the first Rwandan national cycling team. After living in the aftermath of one of the modern-day history’s most devastating genocide, a cycling team goes on to making history in the 2012 Olympics.

Watch as one of the world’s best cyclists trains this devoted team to overcome any obstacle in their ascension to fame and world recognition.

5. The Walk (2015)

The filmmaker James Marsh uses actual footage combined with modern re-enactment in order to create one of the most inspirational movies on Netflix.  This feature film portrays the breathtaking stunt of Philippe Petit from 1974. Using only a wire and a stick, he spent well over half an hour between the Twin Towers of New York performing a wide range of acrobatics.

Get your friends together and watch how this real-life daredevil jumps and walks on a wire in order to gain recognition from the crowd.

6. 180 Degrees South (2010)

The storyline of this amazing documentary and one of the best inspirational movies on Netflix follows the steps of Jeff Johnson. He goes out in order to retrace the epic journey of his heroes Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard to Patagonia. However, he gets shipwrecked along the way on  the famous Easter Island.

Watch until the end and see for yourself what crazy adventures he is able to enjoy, even in his delicate position. After all, there really is a silver lining to every cloud, as you will notice.

7. Desert Runners (2013)

This particular motion picture is one of the most motivational and inspirational movies on Netflix at the moment. Even if the action is set in 2013, this particular documentary displays what kind of traits non-professional runners have to benefit from in order to complete ultramarathon races. Just try to imagine how much determination one needs to have in order not only to complete this herculean race, but to do it in the desert.

Witness the struggles these athletes have to overcome in order to  take pride in their personal achievements.

8. 127 Hours (2010)

This inspirational movie is based on a tragic event that puts the life of a mountain explorer on the line. The story is about Aaron Ralston who finds himself trapped after a boulder falls on his arm. As a result, Aaron experiences five days of excruciating pain and loneliness that he needs to overcome in order to save his life.

Running out of options, he finally decides to perform a self-amputation so he can extricate himself and make his way back to civilization. All things considered, this makes for one of the best inspirational movies on Netflix for sports enthusiasts.

9. The Revenant (2015)

This movie not only makes for one of the most inspirational movies on Netflix, but it also marks the peak of Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting career. No matter how hard it is to believe, the movie is actually based on a true story. Frontiersman Hugh Glass in left to die by his companions in 1823 after he sustains life-threatening injuries from a brutal grizzly bear attack. Moreover, he is forced to watch as his own son is killed right in front of him by one of his hunting partners, as well.

Watch until the end in order to see how this grieving father manages to find his way back to civilization in spite of all the hardship he has to put up with.

10. Mile…Mile & a Half (2013)

Not every inspirational movie out there has to be about some sort of tragic event or near-death experience in order to motivate one to think of great things. This particular documentary is about five friends that decide to leave behind their mundane lives and go on a proper adventure. Hence, they set out to explore California’s historic John Muir Trail in winter. The main purpose in to complete the journey in no more than 25 days and add amazing sights and fun memories to their collection.

Watch how many other adventure seekers join them and share great times together. “It’s all about the journey, not the destination” is most certainly the cornerstone of this awesome movie.

11. The Aviator (2004)

Recovering from physical injuries is rather easy when compared to the scars that a mental illness can inflict upon one’s vision of reality. This is the story of an American billionaire that struggles in secret with paralyzing phobias and depression. Otherwise, everybody can only see him as a successful aviation pioneer and passionate lover of Hollywood leading ladies.

However, be sure to include this on your most inspirational movies on Netflix and give it a try. Apart from being a cinematographic masterpiece, it also portrays Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his most iconic roles.

12. Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Another  great example of inspirational movies on Netflix is this world-renowned sensation. This movie tells the tale of a young stockbroker and his ascension to fame and wealth. However, after an endless string of success, he finds himself neck-deep into corruption and defrauding allegations. As a result, he ends up in jail for almost two years.

The movie is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort who founded his own firm while still in his 20s. this great motion picture will certainly be of use for those of you who want to start your own business and want to know what troubles to avoid while doing so.

13. Snowpiercer (2013)

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, one man rises above all in search for a better life. The thing is that what remains of the Earth’s population in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event is tossed together into one large super train. It never stops and its energy never runs out. While other notions of society have been abolished almost completely like definitive human settlements, the rich still rule over the poor with an iron fist.

Watch as the main protagonist overturns this notion and the battles he must face in order to free everybody from the tyranny of the wealthy.

14. Yip Man (2008)

This incredible movie tells the story of one of the most famous martial artist: Yip Man. It is based on true events dating as far back as 1937. At that time, the Japanese invasion forced this wealthy martial artist out of his sumptuous home right into the lines of slavery. However, no matter how much fighting skill he possesses, Yip Man tries to use a peaceful resolve in order to get himself out of any bind.

However, as history taught us, we cannot win every battle just with mere words. Watch this incredible motion picture and see how a single man becomes a hero and the source of inspiration for a whole generation.

15. In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

This last motion picture on our list of 15 most inspirational movies on Netflix is the foundation of the famous writer Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. It tells the story of the Essex crewmen that find themselves face to face with a gigantic whale in a fierce battle for survival.

Watch as these brave men are pushed to their limits in the most intense battle of their lives. In order to hold on to whatever is left of their existence after the shipwreck, they need to endure starvation, despair and battle storms on the raging open ocean in order to stay alive.


Take your pick out of these fabulous inspirational movies on Netflix suggestions and enjoy a relaxing evening. Grab some popcorn, gather your friends or family and share these protagonists’ awesome story. As incredible as they may seem, almost all of the movies depict re-enactments of real-life events from the past.

As a result, you will be able to watch how the stories unfolded for the heroes from their point of view.All that is left for you to do is to find a cozy spot, turn off the lights and let the adventures begin!

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