Install Google Chrome Offline

Before Google Chrome monopolized the market for internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox was king. When Chrome was introduced in 2008, by the turn of the decade, everyone was using and loving chrome. Chrome is now in its 38th version and going strong as the best web browser there is.

If you’re looking to Install Google Chrome Offline, it’s extremely easy.

Download Google Chrome Offline

For those of you who’re not looking to switch to Chrome, a few features of Chrome as given below, should you wish to try it out! To begin with, Chrome is one of the simplest browsers to use and you can access the Internet at relatively high speeds. Being a Google product, your by default search engine will be Google (need anyone say more?). You can change the default search engine to something else, but why would you!


Google Chrome comes with its own web store that can offer you a whole lot of extensions and apps to customize your Chrome as and how you please. The bookmarking options allows you to segregate your web pages and the privacy and security features are better with each passing version!

Web Store

So give Chrome a chance and those who have, upgrade it to the latest version by the link given above.

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