Is Weed Addictive?

Considered a college drug, many of the weed smokers don’t get addicted to it. In fact only about 10% of weed smokers end up with serious weed addiction. Others just smoke it when they want to, without having any detrimental effect on any aspect of their lives. Weed addictive, although mild in comparison to alcohol and other drugs, doesn’t not condone it. The silver lining here is that it is easy to shake off weed addictive; the withdrawal symptoms include nausea, sleep disturbances, depression, and anxiety.

There are many cases when people who are heavily using marijuana, never suffer from any negative effects on their life or health. And then there are those 10% who need to shake off the weed. People who abuse weed and not necessarily dependent on it, but the reverse is very true. If you’re unsure as to whether you’re addicted to marijuana or not, ask yourselves the questions listed below-

– Do you use control of the amount you use and over a period of time, increase this intake?

– Does marijuana take a central place in your life?

– When you’re not using, do you spend time thinking about using?

– Do you spend a tidy sum of both money and time to acquire marijuana?

– When you’ve run out of weed, do you become angry, agitated, or irritable?

– Do you continue to use despite the negative consequences?

If you have answered in the positive for most of the questions above, then you, my friend, have an addiction to shake off. Marijuana can definitely be addictive but it’s similar to food, sex or shopping addiction. It’s a pleasant sensation experienced by the individual to trigger the reward centers in the brain; a simple and enjoyable experience. It’s this very feeling of triggering off the reward centers in the brain that can turn into addiction and bring forth addictive behavioral patterns. Such people are the ones that need treatment for their dependence and abuse.

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