Klein German Spitz

The Klein German Spitz appears to be smiling at all times! One of the best breeds you can keep as a family pet, the German Spitz Klein loves being involved in the family. Be it going out for long hikes, or playing a game of catch or just sitting home, snuggled up at your feet, the Spitz will do whatever it takes to show the family how much he/she loves them.

The German Spitz dogs are easy to train, especially if you use motivational techniques. There will be rare occasions when you might encounter some willfulness on his part, but as long as you don’t resort to rough handling, it’s nothing that can’t be solved. Their alert nature makes them excellent watchdogs; it’s in their nature to be suspicious of every stranger. But once German Klein Spitz knows that the intruder poses no danger, they’re quite willing to make friends and be sociable.

The German Klein Spitz come with a lot of energy and require daily exercise to help expend this energy. They love long walks and hikes and will steadily accompany you on all your outdoor adventures. An absolute delight with other house pets, the Klein Spitz will have no problem adapting to a second house pet, but it is advised that you raise both the pets together. Immensely protective towards children, they love kids and would be wonderful companions just as long as the children don’t handle them roughly.



Average Height-

9-11 inches

Average Weight-

18-22 lbs


Care & Health:

Grooming: The German Spitz’s coat needs an occasional brushing, however a daily brushing routine is advised if you want to control the amount of lose hair all over the house.



The dog that invaded Europe with the Vikings, Klein German Spitz are a very old breed of Nordic herding dogs’ descent. In the 18th century, they were introduced to England and for as long as a century, they grew there in popularity, along with the Pomeranians; after World War II, the Klein German Spitz became a rare breed. In the United States, they are loosely classified with the American Eskimo Dog.


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