Best Organic Shampoo

Best Organic Shampoo

Shampoo is one product that most consumers don’t bother to research. Certain keywords are displayed in large, eye-catching font on bottle labels to lull buyers into a false sense that they are making an educated purchase. The fact is that while it may claim to revitalize, fortify, hydrate, or otherwise treat and maintain hair, most commercial brands are filled with counter-productive or even dangerous chemicals.

Some of the most dangerous chemicals found in main shampoo brands are the family of sodium lauryl sulfates. Among other concerns, any shampoo with these chemicals are extremely harmful to the eyes; they have been known to hinder or disrupt eyes in their developmental period, as well as produce cataracts for adults. Other harmful chemicals include olefin sulfonate (an element of kerosine) and propylene glycol (commonly found in antifreeze). In the most extreme cases, these chemicals can eventually contribute to terminal illnesses such as cancer.

Personally, the risk of eye damage and cancer is enough for me to switch to organic shampoo, but for the sake of completion: other known long-term side effects of continued use include a dry scalp (resulting in dandruff, which leads the consumer to purchase dandruff treatment shampoo), hair follicle damage, dry hair, and diminished natural minerals. Though effective in the short-term, this essentially cancels out all of the proclaimed benefits of using them in the first place. Marketing at its finest!

After going through a range of different brands of organic shampoo, I’ve noticed a few positive effects. First, all of the damage from years of chemical shampoos literally washed away within a few weeks. Note that it does in fact take weeks sometimes – the transition is not an instant one, so don’t give up after the first few tries. Second, I’ve lived with dandruff all of my life and only after switching to organic shampoo have I noticed a significant improvement. Finally, I haven’t had to deal with any type of scalp or skin irritation. Most people go so long using market-shelf products that they forget what it feels like to not have irritated skin.

After my experiences, I’ve narrowed down a list of what I consider to be the eight best organic shampoo and conditioner products available. These are selected for their overall effectiveness in regards to their claims and price-to-value ratio.

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Natural Oil Soap Nuts from Natural Shampoo

Made with USDA certified organic nuts and soap berries, this is the most purely organic shampoo available on the market. This shampoo is so effective, as it does not require the user to buy other products to moisturize the hair. This shampoo is ideal for simple living. If you are familiar with essential oils and their role in the organic products world, you will understand exactly why this is an oil-based shampoo. This shampoo scores the lowest of all organic shampoos on levels of toxicity and perhaps this explains why people have completely gotten rid of any hair or scalp problems while using this product.


– USDA Certified.
– 100% natural and 100% chemical free.
– Fragrance free.
– Does not require the use of conditioner.

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Jason Natural Products Thin to Thick Shampoo

Jason Natural Products makes an amazing plant and fruit-based thickening shampoo. This product is well received as it has proven to be extremely beneficial to individuals with hair-loss and hair-thinning problems. Made with all-natural hydroxy acids and a mixture of fruit acids, it effectively removes dead skin cells from the scalp to allow maximum absorption of nutrients. A lot of users have known to see some improvement in the fullness and overall health of your hair.

– 100% organic and free of parables and sodium lauryl.
– Best for hair loss and thinning hair.
– Voted as the best organic shampoo on organic products forums.

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  Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo

Alchemy has a great line of organic shampoos and organic-product lovers swear by this brand to have the best organic shampoo ever. The Scalp Rescue Shampoo is made from a blend of 100% organic botanicals, herbs, and essential oils to create an incredibly nutrient rich shampoo that works on all hair types (even color-treated). Alchemy has the reputation of being very efficient, given that only a small amount of the shampoo is required to cleanse the hair. Invigorating tea tree oil and restorative neem oil combine to provide relief from dry scalp problems. As opposed to other oil-based organic shampoos, Alchemy brands produce a generous lather and also have a rich, fresh scent.

– Does not contain synthetic chemicals; 100% natural
– Treats itchy and dry scalp.
– Works on all types of hair, even color-treated.
– Produces a rich lather.

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 Avalon Rosemary Volumizing Shampoo from Avalon Organics

Avalon Organic shampoos are not only reasonable but also one of the top selling organic shampoos. Best known for cleansing the scalp, the shampoo also cleans hair effectively with 100% natural ingredients and without the use of harsh chemicals. Made with the simple ingredients of organic plants and essential oils, this shampoo is a very high quality product. On top of its reputation as an excellent organic product, this is one of the most delicious smelling organic shampoos you will ever find.

– Made from 100% organic plants and essential oils.
– Gives the hair a lot more volume.
– Great fragrance.

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 Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo

Made with a blend of organic plants, this is a highly effective shampoo for people in need of good moisture. Many organic-product lovers usually prefer these types of shampoos as the lathering effect is simply produced by a filler chemical and does not really contribute to the cleansing process. The Honeysuckle Rose shampoo leaves hair very moisturized, smooth, and softly scented. Another plus is that this shampoo works especially well with curly textures.

– Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
– Made from 100% organic herbs and plants.
– Treats extremely dry hair.

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 Miessence Lemon Myrtle Shampoo- Certified Organic

Miessence Lemon Myrtle Shampoo is made from a blend of 100% organic plants and essential oils. Although some people find Miessence shampoos very drying, if it persists after the detox period, simply rub a few drops of cold-pressed organic olive oil into your scalp and roots and your problem will be organically solved! Miessence also has a Lemon Myrtle Conditioner that complements the shampoo perfectly, so if you are finding the shampoo a bit drying, you can always use both products (they’re both organic).

– All ingredients are approved by the Austrailan Organic Certification.
– Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
– Best product if looking to detoxify hair.

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 Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo

This product is often under-rated but if you use it, it will nourish and shampoo your hair rather well, since it has two of the restorative and nourishing ingredients known to mankind. Although it will not lather (a trait of most organic shampoos), the olive oil has a natural cleansing property that allows you to get the full treatment. The only downside of this shampoo is that it isn’t a 100% organic. It contains sulphates and parabens.

– Contains parabens and sulphates.
– Uses 100% organic olive oil and aloe vera.
– Deep conditioning for severely dry hair.

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 Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo

This shampoo is very light and really cleans hair thoroughly; just a squeeze of it is enough. Made from organic natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils, this shampoo smells heavenly. This shampoo is best suited for thin hair as it adds volume and body to create vibrant, shiny locks. Recommended for everyday use.

– Very cost efficient
– Light, fresh smell
– Made with organic plants and essential oils
– Safe for everyday use

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    Healthy Skin for a Happy Life is the best shampoo! :)

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    I’ve really grown to love Argan Oil Shampoo. I’ve tried lots of organics but this one seems to be the best.

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