Conquer Hunger And Your Health With Our Top 8 Favorite Meal Planning Apps

Conquer Hunger And Your Health With Our Top 8 Favorite Meal Planning Apps

Eating isn’t something that requires a lot of thought – or is it?

Feeding is one of the most instinctual practices of any living organism, whether they’re bacteria, animals, or human beings.

But while it isn’t hard to find food and consume it, there is a big distinction between eating and eating well. For those who focus on nutrition and health, eating right often involves planning meals out carefully beforehand.

We all have a vested interest in caring about our own health, and eating the right meals is one of the best ways to achieve a better level of wellness. However, there is a lot to consider. Portion size, nutritional value, calories, and even the times we eat all factor into meal plans.

Since it can be so complex to figure this out, many people turn to technology for help. A meal planning app can be a great solution for simplifying and streamlining the creation of healthy meals.

These apps can help people get in the habit of planning out healthy meals, thus making it easier to adopt such habits as second nature. With the right meal planning app, anyone can have an easier time moving to a healthier lifestyle.

How Do We Rate Meal Planning Apps?

A lot goes into factoring which meal planning app is the best. Not only should they be designed by experts in the area of health and nutrition, but they should also have a user-friendly interface.

Our rating systems takes into account the user interfaces each app offers, as well as how many tools they have to help create meals. Apps with ingredients lists and illustrations, for example, will rank higher for providing more insight to the user.

We also focus on customer feedback and number of users. Nothing says more about an app’s construction than the ratings it receives from those who use it. In addition to the general reputation of the brand behind the app, we factor in how much praise it’s garnered for its efficiency

Top 8 Meal Planning Apps to Check Out

As the name suggests, this meal planning app is designed to take healthy meals from the realm of thought and turn them into delicious dishes ready to eat. When most people set out to eat healthier and plan their meals accordingly, the main struggle they have is finding choices aligning with their preferences. Everyone has certain tastes, and some may even have food allergies that prevent them from partaking in the typical “stock” meal plans many services offer.

This app aims to simplify things by taking the premade one-size-fits-all choices out of the equation. Food on the Table allows users to put in their preferred ingredients and dietary restrictions as criteria. Then, from these criteria, the app sends back a number of appropriate recipes for healthy meal options. Not only does Food on the Table deliver meals based off the data users input, it provides grocery lists and even information on how to find the best deals on ingredients – it helps people improve their health and their bank account simultaneously.

This app has it all – user customization, shopping assistance, and even solutions for how to save money. Planning a healthy meal schedule is easy with Food on the Table.

Food on the Table
  • View sale food items at your nearest supermarket
  • Select meals based on your food preferences
  • Browse a database of scrumptious recipes

Pepperplate developers understand the complications that come with planning out healthy meal schedules. One of the main problems is that some people prefer to create their own recipes while others look for premade solutions. Others prefer a mix of the two, especially once they become more comfortable cooking healthy meals and scheduling them ahead of time.

Pepperplate gives users access to a wide library of meal ideas, each offering a unique combination of taste and nutrition. There’s also the option to add custom meals to the library and plan things out weeks or even months ahead of time. The app also provides users with assistance finding the ingredients they need to make the meals, and even instructions on how to prepare them in step-by-step form. This helps even the kitchen novice plan out healthy meals with ease.

Pepperplate provides a seamless scheduling platform, grocery shopping assistance, and detailed cooking instructions. It covers all necessary parts of the meal-planning process effectively.

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For many people, the path to better health started with their decision to become a vegan. Anyone who may want to attempt this type of nutritional strategy should try out Vegan Diet Plan. Designed with a creative user interface containing plenty of explanations and illustrations, it simplifies the approach to veganism for beginners and longtime followers of the lifestyle alike.

Not only does it offer health tips, but it provides a cooking guide with strategies for preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even snacks in accordance with vegan principals. It even offers inspiring weight-loss transformation photos to help motivate users toward their end goal.

Veganism may be considered a niche nutritional strategy, but this app offers plenty of resources for someone who wants to try out the lifestyle and plan meals all throughout the day.  

​4. Paprika

For some people, planning meals is made a lot harder because of their lifestyle. The average person likely has plenty of responsibilities between work, academics, family, personal hobbies, and other obligations that keep them moving and focusing on many different ends. This means they usually depend on multiple devices to help them get through the day.

Paprika is designed for the would-be meal planner who is short on time. Between the app and website, it’s possible to access Paprika through various devices. All the system’s features are included in personal accounts, accessible from any platform. These features include step-by-step instructions for preparing meals, as well as a grocery list companion to make gathering the accessories even easier. Finally, the system offers users the chance to upload new recipes into the database so they can be shared with others.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. The nutritional needs and scheduling constraints of a single person may be different than that of a head-of-household supporting a family. Mealtime is a highly customizable app aiming to help users learn more, reduce stress, and save money on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. From losing weight to getting more essential nutrients, this app can help the user reach many different goals.

The app offers streamlined recipes with simple instructions to help even the culinary novice prepare a healthy feast. It also generates personalized suggestions – users can tailor their results around their taste preferences and any dietary restrictions they may have. The app also creates fast grocery lists to help people get their shopping done quickly and minimize waste in the process. There’s even an upgrade option offering more information, filters, and support.

Mealtime is customizable in many ways. The flexibility coupled with the attractive user interface makes for an effective all-purpose tool for pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

While some apps pride themselves on simplicity alone, others combine this simple approach with a wealth of information. Cook Smarts provides users with a number of healthy food recipes, most focused on the use of natural ingredients. Like many other apps in the nutritional field, Cook Smarts allows people to enter their meal preferences and dietary restrictions as criteria for determining recipes.

Since the app focuses on natural ingredients, there is also a big focus on how to find these ingredients, as well as how to maintain them so they’re fresh and safe for consumption. Combine this with the detailed procedural instructions for preparing meals, and Cook Smarts is a versatile tool for those seeking better nutrition through natural food choices. Beyond just a tool to help people plan meals, this app can be considered a solution for changing one’s lifestyle and understanding more about the benefits of natural foods.

It’s a little thorough for some and does come at a cost – however, the wide variety of tools built around the app’s focal point of natural ingredients makes it a good choice nonetheless.

Many people are conscious about the amount of food items they throw out every month. Minimizing waste is a great way to save money and ensure precious food that someone else might die for isn’t gone to waste. Love Food Hate Waste provides portion-focused meal planning with procedural steps on how to prepare each dish. All recipes are centered around using leftover ingredients to make dishes that taste great and still deliver when it comes to nutritional value.

This app is especially useful for those who are in the food business, and find they have a lot of fresh leftover ingredients at their restaurant or cafeteria. It saves them from having to prepare new food each night and ensures they’re getting the most return from their investments.

It may be a little situational, but the intent behind Love Food Hate Waste is solid. Combined with the library of creative recipes, this makes the app a solid choice all around.

Beyond its catchy name, this app offers many different categories we can use for creating healthy recipes. Everything from ingredient preferences to dietary restrictions and even lesser-used metrics like cooking time can be factored in to help people get the right meal plan for their needs.

The app is very user friendly, offering people the chance to print out their weekly and monthly meal plans after organizing them via the tool’s website or mobile app. Once printed, the guide can make cooking healthy meals quickly very easy. In addition to instructions, this app even takes things a step further by offering meal planners the ability to view videos to guide them through the cooking process. Even those who aren’t familiar with cooking healthy meals can follow the simple processes shown and start their journey into a healthier lifestyle.

Though not as well known as some other meal apps on this list, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner offers enough tools to help any user stay informed and educated about how to plan a healthy meal schedule.

​Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Right Meal App

We’ve compiled eight of the best meal apps in the industry, but this list doesn’t represent all the choices out there.

When a person is investing in a digital tool to help them eat healthier and stay on the path to better health, how can they ensure they’re getting the best deal? Here are some tips to ensure the buying process goes as smoothly as possible when in the market for a meal planning app.

  1. The first step is to make sure the interface is easy to use and navigate. Even a wealth of helpful features can be rendered pointless if a user can’t access them without problems. After ensuring the app is easy to get around, there’s the matter of making sure it offers what the individual needs.
  2. For those who have certain food allergies, they need an app that offers them the chance to sort recipes by dietary restrictions. Those who are in the commercial food industry or those who are looking to focus on a certain type of healthy eating such as using natural ingredients should find an app offering these features.
  3. Price is also important – is an app free? Is there a cost? Do add-ons cost extra? Is it based on subscriptions, and are these weekly, monthly, or yearly? Double-check before you invest.

Asking all these questions before buying can help a person ensure they’re getting the best fit for their needs both nutritionally and financially.

Meal planning can be tough, but there are many affordable and user-friendly apps to simply things.

Bon Appétit!

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