What Are The Best Colours For Your Living Room?

When it comes to choosing a colour for your house, don’t be surprised if seasons go by and your house still doesn’t have a colour. The normal way to go about this is through hired professionals. But if you want to do in on your own, a few tips are given below to help you make a decision.

1. Select the right colour:


Choosing the colour is the most important decision as it will set the mood for the room. Finding that right balance is necessary; you don’t want too chirpy or too glum a room. Unless you have a particular shade in mind, you’re in for hours of catalogue browsing for the right colour.

2. Know the size of your living room:


Size matters! You need not know the specifics of the measurements but a rough idea will be sufficient to determine the look you’re going for. For example, if you have a small or moderately sized room, a dark colour will make it smaller. Similarly, if you use a light colour for a big enough room, it will look huge. So keeping in mind this basic thumb rule, you can easily eliminate almost half of the colours as options for your living room.

3. Interiors:


You can further cancel out colour options depending on the colour of the furniture in the room. You would want the room to be regarded as a whole and not by its separate elements. So, the colour of the wall must be in sync with the colour of the furnishings. A combination of light and dark colors is fine in the living room, provided they go hand in hand.

4. Sources of light:


There will be natural as well as artificial light falling onto the walls from various angles. The paint colors for living room must blend with the source of lights that you have in your home. The colour of paint you choose should gel well with the light. You don’t want it to reflect or absorb any light that falls on it; it can result in unwanted glares and distractions.



5. Keep it simple:


Safe colours that people generally tend to stick to are canary yellow, red, orange, and cream. These colors provide your living room with a very welcoming feel. Brown and green provide a warm and soothing effect, especially if you’re returning from a tiring day.


The decision ultimately rests with you. Since you’re the one who’s going to live in that house/room, you need to pick a colour that you would like to see every day.

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