15 Health Benefits of Ginger

15 Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a-m-a-z-i-n-ng! This world-renowned super food holds a world of miracles for the human body, under a great number of forms: fresh juice, tea, ground, beer, crystallized (ginger honey crystals), ale, pickled, root, raw, candied… we could really go on forever. No matter how you consume it, ginger is fantastic for your health and can help you overcome a wide range of conditions. By eating ginger, you are treating your body to a wide range of health goodies that you might not be able to find out elsewhere. So what exactly are the health benefits of ginger? Be prepared to be amazed and discover how ginger can change your life!

1. Motion & Morning Sickness

Feeling seasick on a cruise? How about battling morning sickness when expecting a baby? You should know that ginger can help you in both situations! Both of these symptoms are actually forms of nausea, which ginger can help you relieve. Have a bite of ginger root and relax.

2. Inflammation

Benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and use this natural spice as a pain killer. Try juicing some ginger and drinking it to eliminate pain caused by a wide variety of reasons. Studies have proven that ginger can help you get rid of colon inflammation and feel a lot better.

3. Digestive Problems

Does your tummy hurt? This probably means that you are undergoing some digestive problems. The good news for you is that ginger can help you out in this situation. Research shows that ginger can aid in gastrointestinal irritation and get your stomach back to normal in no time. This is thanks to the phenolic compounds included in ginger, so heal your problem naturally!

4. Aphrodisiac

Both men and women are going to love this one. Ginger has actually been proven for hundreds of years to get things going in the bedroom. This is thanks to its aroma and for the fact that it acts as a stimulator for circulation. How about spicing up the marriage a little bit?

5. Menstrual Cramps

Every girl and woman out there will understand this one. One of the best health benefits of ginger for females is that it helps relieve cramps when it’s “that time of the month”. Instead of cradling your knees to your chest or placing a hot water bottle on your tummy, try some ginger for relief from those unbearable pains.

6. Treat Dyspepsia

For those of you who didn’t know, those awful pains in your upper stomach are actually caused by dyspepsia. Commonly known as chronic indigestion, dyspepsia can actually be relieved by ginger by helping your body empty the contents of your stomach. Ginger powder, in particular, is recommended for these situations.

7. Battle Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can be an extremely painful condition for anyone suffering from it. Luckily enough, it seems that ginger extract can actually help with the pain that comes with osteoarthritis. Various studies have proven this fact, so you should reconsider incorporating ginger into your diet if your joints are aching.

8. Fight Diabetes

Patients who suffer from diabetes know how important healthy blood sugar levels are. Recent research shows that ginger can aid these patients in lowering blood sugar levels by 12%, all thanks to two grams daily of ginger powder, according to Authoritynutrition.com. Take a shot at it!

9. Absorb Nutrients

In order for your body to work the way it should, it needs to get all of the necessary nutrients. Sometimes these nutrients are not absorbed properly and can lead to potential health problems. Among the many health benefits of ginger, the absorption of nutrients delightfully stands out. Ginger has the power to stimulate pancreatic enzyme and gastric secretion, so your body can benefit from essential nutrients.

10. Lower Cholesterol

When we think of high cholesterol, heart disease is the first thing that comes to mind. If you have problems with cholesterol, you are facing the risk of heart attack that can be fatal. Multiple studies show that consuming little bits of ginger daily can lead to reducing blood triglycerides and cholesterol, both of which are critical for having a healthy and happy heart.

11. Relieve Pain

Nothing is worse than coming home from an awesome work out session at the gym, going to bed and waking up the second day with excruciating muscle pain and soreness. The good news is that you can relieve this type of pain by consuming ginger, especially if you are feeling aches in your elbow areas.

12. Build Up Immunity

Aside from having loads of wonderful properties that can protect your body from harm, ginger can help you build up your immune system entirely. Just by eating some ginger every day can help you prevent strokes, infections and respiratory problems. It is best to consume ginger regularly to enjoy all of these benefits, so consider making it a normal part of your diet.

13. Cure Coughs

It doesn’t have to be winter for you to catch a nasty cold or cough. Even with summer around the corner, a glass of ice water can leave you coughing violently for days. Why not treat it in a natural way? It has been proven that, among other health benefits of ginger, this spice acts as an expectorant that can relieve the mucus that is causing difficulty in breathing.

14. Overcome Infections

Ginger actually plays a key role in fighting off countless infections. Even more so, it can also prevent you from developing infections thanks to the substance it contains, gingerol. A few infections you can overcome with ginger are gingivitis, stomach infections and the RSV virus.

15. Cancer Prevention

Gingerol is so powerful that it can even treat and prevent various forms of cancer, such as ovarian, pancreatic, breast or colon cancer. This bioactive substance in ginger both slows the development of cancerous cells and also contributes to eliminating them altogether. Even though the subject is still being researched by scientists, a great part of the medical community agrees that ginger can play a significant role in preventing and battling cancer.

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