18 Solutions for Gallstones Around the House

18 Solutions for Gallstones Around the House

Gallstones can be extremely painful and sometimes even dangerous.  They are formed in the gallbladder, which is an organ used to store bile, located near the liver.  It is quite an important organ, as bile is volatile yet important.  Bile is used to break down fat in food, but at the same time would cause serious damage to the other organs if left unchecked for extended periods of time.

 Bile is naturally filled with cholesterol, but sometimes it simply has too much.  The excess cholesterol solidifies and forms into hard crystals.  Sometimes they are so small that they are completely unnoticeable; other times, they can be as large as a golf ball and end up causing severe internal bleeding.  Men tend to be more adversely affected by gallstones, however women are far more likely to develop them.  They also become more common with increasing age.

 Detecting gallstones early is extremely important.  Some advanced medical procedures exist that can destroy or remove threatening gallstones, but if found before the problem becomes serious, they can be fixed relatively easily and for little cost.  As always, it is a good idea to consult with a physician before attempting anything on your own.  Below is a list of effective home remedies for gallstones.

Preventative Care

First of all, if you do not yet have gallstones or are attempting to make sure you do not get them again, some simple dietary adjustments can be made to prevent their formation.

Wine in Moderation

Consuming half of a glass of wine every day has been proven as a preventative measure against gallstones.  If you already have a drink every night with dinner, simply switching over to wine takes little effort.  Red wine also has been found to have many other health benefits.

More Fish

Taking fish oil capsules or simply eating more fish in your diet will greatly reduce one’s risk of gallstones.  Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids are much better for this than any other fish.

More Vegetables

Vegetarians are approximately 50% less likely to develop gallstones at all ages.  It is speculated that consuming vegetables eliminates some of the cholesterol found in bile, though it is also speculated that this is simply because of the lack of meat.  Simply eating more vegetables is one of the best home remedies for gallstones.

More Vitamin C

Any food containing Vitamin C will help prevent gallstones for men and women.  After about the age of 15, gallstones begin to become more common; as such, anyone over this age is recommended to have at the very least 60 mg of Vitamin C per day.  Red bell peppers contain well over this amount (almost 100 mg), so they are easily one of the best sources.  Broccoli, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, and many name-brand cereals contain significant amounts of Vitamin C.

Other Foods

Many other foods have been shown to have a noticeable effect on the reduction in frequency and severity of gallstones.  Some of these foods are lentils, beans, nuts, lima beans, whole wheat bread, and brown rice.

Short-Term Solutions

 In the event that you already have a significantly sized gallstone, a simple change of diet may not be enough to help.  Each of the following is a home remedy for gallstones that can in some capacity reduce the danger of any already developed gallstones.


 Consuming pears will provide two more immediate benefits: making the gallstones softer and dulling any pain caused by them.  Small stones that are soft may be able to pass through the system.


 Found in many fruits and vegetables, this substance is proven to dissolve gallstones and provide protection against their future formation.  Apples, carrots, and almost all citrus fruit contain large amounts of pectin.

 Apple Cider Vinegar

 Sold in supermarkets by the gallon, this mixture will greatly reduce the pain of gallstones in a short amount of time.  It is completely natural, very healthy, and can be mixed with tea or apple juice for a better flavor.

 Fresh Tea from Herb Extracts

 To go along with the apple cider vinegar, many herbal teas provide relief and treatment for gallstones.  Be sure to use fresh leaves for maximum effect.


 This spice has a wide array of health applications.  Treating gallstones is one of them.  Use about a teaspoon of turmeric in daily recipes.

 Vegetable Juice

 While eating vegetables is good, freshly made vegetable juice from fresh vegetables will concentrate the nutrients and give faster relief.  Use any or all of the vegetables previously listed.

 Lemon Juice

 Fresh lemon juice is also helpful.  For the greatest effect, squeeze four lemons into a glass in the morning and drink it.  Skip breakfast, but have plenty of water; it works best with little or no food in the body.

 Quebra Pedra

 This is an herb often used in tea.  A month of drinking this tea once per day is proven to aid in eliminating gallstones.

 Leaves of Artichoke

 The artichoke itself is not as helpful, but consuming artichoke leaf extract provides quick preventative measures against new stones forming.


 This herb produces more bile in the system, allowing it to cycle through the body.  It will remedy gall bladder spasms.

 Epsom Salt

 Ingesting a glass of warm epsom salt water every night will facilitate the passing of gallstones.  Combine this with eating more pears for best results.


Finally, fiber is in many of the foods recommended for gallstones.  It removes cholesterol from the system, making it a great way to stop the production and worsening of gallstones.

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