About Us

About Us

Want to meet the authors who write for Mashoid? Here’s a brief bio and introduction provided by each of them. We are a team of hobbyist writers and freelancers with a particular interest in the topics we write on. Drop by our articles to say hello, if you’d like.

Harry D. RomeroHarry D. Romero

Harry worked as an economist for about 8 years after graduating from a college degree in the field. After a while, his sales department job slowly transitioned to becoming more of a professional reviewer of various consumer electronics. This led him to discover how much he likes writing on topics that interest him, and he starting collaborating with various websites and magazines ever since. In his free time, he likes to watch TV baseball games as much as the next Joe, but he also dabbles in amateur photography. His favorite subjects to take photos of include wildlife and exterior architecture.

Idelina Esquivel CepedaIdelina Esquivel Cepeda

Idelina is an American-Mexican middle school music teacher with a penchant for gardening and growing her own vegetables as much as possible. Idelinadevours short and long reads on topics of health and exercise, but she’s also fond of the occasional cocktail or two. When she was younger, she practiced the violin much more often than she does now, but she discovered amateur journalism suited her skills better. When she’s not busy teaching or working for one of her freelance writing projects, she likes to take her family for a walk on the beach, since it’s very close to home. She lives with her husband, 2 kids and their 3 dogs on the West Coast.

Doris Evelyn HansonDoris Evelyn Hanson

Doris comes from a large middle class family and is pretty close to her two sisters and one brother, while being the youngest of the four. She graduated from a journalism degree and likes writing about anything that doesn’t involve politics. Her main job is covering sports events topics for a couple of local newspapers, and she writes for several websites on the side, Mashoid being one of them. Her hobbies include hiking and mountain bike trails. Her tendency to be clumsy in sophisticated social events earned her the “Taz” nickname in school (after the Loony Toons character) and it’s still used today in the groups of her older friends.

Mary H. DixonMary H. Dixon

Mary has the work background of being a sales consultant and insurance policy adviser for a number of local firms. Her hobbies include freelance teaching at a teenager community center and taking an active role in her weekend reading club. Whenever she’s not doing any of these things, she likes to let her kids pick some fun family activity for them and just follows their lead. Mary is a big fan of TV shows starring Julianna Margulies and her guilty pleasure, in terms of TV, may involve an occasional Disney show or two.

Preston D. HarrisPreston D. Harris

Preston is our most junior writer, still studying for a graduate degree in philosophy. He began his writing while covering sports club activities for his high school newspaper and discovered he liked it too much to let it go post-graduation. His hobbies include attending electric concerts and watching clips of tattoo making. Preston sometimes wishes he was good at skating so he’d be more popular, but then he picks up one of his favorite books and decides he doesn’t actually care about being a sports sensation that much.

Katherine Alice DuncanKatherine Alice Duncan

Katherine has graduated from nursing school five years ago and has practiced her trade ever since. Her hobbies include walks through the park with her boyfriend, and binge-watching several TV shows that she’s hooked on. She thinks the greatest challenge of writing for an online audience is being able to discern between information obtained on good authority and the not-so-reliable sort. Therefore, you can count source-checking as one of her hobbies, too. And yes, in case you’re wondering, she used to be teased in school for being a nerd.

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