Effective Sore Throat Home Remedies

Effective Sore Throat Home Remedies

Sore throat remedies made at home are something every mom and why not, every person should know about. Synthetic medication are not always the answer as they usually have ugly side effects.

Excess use of antibiotics can make the bacteria resistant, so you should think twice before asking for prescriptions. Sore throats is something caused by viral infections, not bacterial, which means that antibiotics wont be helpful.


The causes for felling pain in your throat can be of many kinds, allergies, pollution, dry air, flu, cold air and all these are provoked by bacterial infections, that are not respondent to antibiotics.

Bacterial infections are not always to blame for sore throats, and are culpable of a small percentage of sore throat cases, including infections associated with strep throat, diphtheria and whooping cough. It is recommended to call a doctor only in severe cases of sore throat, which is accompanied by fever or when tonsils have swollen so much that hey block the throat. Here are some homeopathic remedies that are worth trying and might make you feel better.


Even if the sore throat is not severe enough to go a see a doctor, it is still painful and inconvenient, and could affect you good night sleep. Happily nature has us covered as there are plenty holistic remedies for sore throat that could help you get rid of the irritation.
Licorice root is a natural remedy which has been used to cure sore throat. Early studies have proved that licorice is best effective when combined with water to create a gargle mixture that would clean the glands. According to a research from 2009, licorice soothed the throats of patients who had had surgery, by diminishing cough.


Honey is a very common remedy which is very easy to find and use. Used to sweeten the tea or just eaten straight up, honey is a fast homemade remedy for sore throat. It can be very effective also in calming down nighttime coughs in children with respiratory infections.  Apart from that, studies have shown that honey can be a very good wound healer, which means it can heal quick sore throats.


You have probably heard your mother telling you before, that when having throat pains and stuffy nose it is recommended to gargle with salt water. Researchers have shown that gargling with warm salt water is helpful in soothing a soured throat and to calm down secretions. It has also antibacterial properties, and is effective in killing bacteria living in the throat. A mixture of salt and water, consists of half a teaspoon of salt in a glass with warm water and can reduce swelling and keep the throat clean.


Sage and Echinacea mixed together could improve sore throat symptoms. A study conducted on 154 individuals with sore throat showed that patients who have been treated for three days with sage and Echinacea throat spray had showed the same level of improvements like the ones who were treated with chlorhexidine/lidocaine, a medicinal spray.


Having a pain free throat and a fresh minty breath at the same time doesn’t sound bad at all. Sprays containing peppermint oil could be miracle workers for a sore throat. Pepper mint oil contains menthol which helps the thinning of the mucus and calms down throat ache and coughs. Peppermint is a strong antibacterial, antiviral and anti inflammatory home remedy for sore throat.


Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those not so tasty remedies that could make us feel better. Because of its high levels of acids it can kill bacteria and when combined with honey is great at shooting soreness in the throat.
For a perfect mixture you will need:
-1 spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
– 1 spoon of honey
-a cup of hot water
Mix all of the ingredients together and drink it while its warm. In case you find the taste to gross to swallow, try combining 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of warm water. Gargle with this mixture once a day.


Garlic may be a terrible idea when going on a date, but as a sore throat remedy is amazing. Garlic contains allicin substance that is able to kill the strep causing bacteria and fight the germs at cause for the pain and irritation. For this you will need to cut a glove of garlic in half, put one piece of garlic in each side of your mouth, and suck on it same way like a cough drop. Try this once a day, until your symptoms improve.


Ginger can be given a leading spot in the natural remedies for colds and sore throats. It has a very intense spicy flavor, so it might be a little tricky to eat it if your throat is irritated. But its benefits are beyond anything. Ginger has properties that will immediately kill pain and works as a great expectorant which means that it improves the functions of the respiratory system and helps you expel mucus secretions.

Works wonders also for you circulation as it increases the oxygen cells, eliminating toxins and speeds up the process of healing. But its benefits are not done yet. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory agent which fights bacteria. The best way to take advantage of all these benefits is to make yourself a nice warm cup of tea.

As you can see, there are a lot of remedies and cures nature provides us with, and some of them are healthier and just as effective as medication. Even though, these are all natural remedies and substances it is recommended for pregnant women to consult their doctor before using any type of natural remedies.
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