Fixing Gum Disease at Home: 14 Natural Treatments

Fixing Gum Disease at Home: 14 Natural Treatments

In the United States, periodontal disease (gum disease, colloquially) is one of the most common health problems; approximately 80% of all U.S. adults are affected by it.  If not discovered and treated quickly, it can eventually evolve into gingivitis and go on to deteriorate the jawbone, sometimes to the point where it is either fatal or requires extreme surgery.

Various elements can lead to gum disease.  Generally, it is caused by enamel being stripped away and having the vulnerable interior of the tooth exposed to plaque and bacteria.  This can be from excessive consumption of soda or coffee, failure to practice proper dental hygiene, or physical removal of the enamel.  The bacteria will sink down into the root of the tooth and spread disease deep into the gums, eventually reaching the inner bone if left untreated.

Some professional treatment exists to correct this problem.  Namely, extracting the affected tooth or teeth early enough is the best option.  Treatment with lasers is another option, though it is very costly.  Many people opt for home remedies for gum disease which can be concocted with products commonly found throughout the average household.

The Power of Lemon Juice

Due to the citrus, vitamin C, and other healing properties, lemon juice can be used to treat a wide range of health conditions.  It can fix inflammation, facilitate the natural process of expelling bacteria in the body, and generally heal one’s gums if any damage has been sustained.  Simply mix some lemon juice with enough salt to create a paste-like substance and put it on your teeth and gums.  It does not have to be brushed in, though brushing is an acceptable method.  Wait a few minutes before rinsing out your mouth.

Baking Soda

Another poorly known healing substance, baking soda pastes can be used in the same way as lemon juice paste.  Simply mix one-fifth water with four-fifths baking soda and apply the paste.

Aloe Vera Gel

This gel is a popular product for treating burns and skin irritation.  It can be applied regularly to the gums as a way to combat gum disease.  It will also reduce any swelling and pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gargling

Though the taste is awful, hydrogen peroxide is an effective home remedy for gum disease.  Simply gargle it to destroy bacteria in the mouth, in combination with another process if desired.  Do NOT ingest this liquid.

Clove Oil

Despite an initial discomfort that may feel like burning or stinging, rubbing clove oil on the gums will help relieve some issues associated with gum disease.  This oil is also in general good for one’s gums.

Natural Antiseptics

Tea Tree Oil has become one of the world’s most popular natural healing oils.  It is one of the strongest antibacterial agents found in the world.  Aside from cleaning one’s gums and preventing the spread of gum disease, tea tree oil is also great for providing short term relief.

Green Tea Extracts

Consuming the extract from green tea is overall great for one’s dental hygiene.  It has been successfully linked with a healthier mouth and a lack of gum disease.  Even drinking one glass of this tea every day can serve as a strong barrier against periodontal diseases.

Steeped Root of Burdock

The root of the burdock plant can be steeped in water to create a solution that can be used to gargle or rinse out one’s mouth.  This root will eliminate bacteria extremely effectively and actually tastes decent.  It is consumable, making it safer to use than most items, though generally if you are rinsing with something it is best not to drink it afterwards.

Rinsing with Other Herbs

Many other herbs exist that can be used to create a liquid to rinse out your mouth.  Especially if done after another non-rinse treatment, these rinses can truly aid in fending off gum disease.  Sage is generally recognized as the best healing herb found in the home for gum disease.  Thyme is a great ancillary herb, and parsley helps while coming with a slew of additional health benefits.

Bone Health

It may seem obvious, but taking good care of your teeth and bones in general is the best of all home remedies for gum disease.  Vitamin C and citrus, especially in lemons, will help greatly.  Dark green vegetables and raw vegetables in general will provide a physical cleaning to the teeth, while providing the body with fiber and other useful nutrients.  Calcium is of course the most important of all as it will make one’s teeth stronger.

Basic Care

Aside from the various topical solutions and drinks available, maintaining proper dental practice is just as important.


Research which toothpastes cause more damage to enamel and gums.  Avoid these toothpastes.  Some big-name brands are actually very detrimental to long-term tooth health.  Brush for up to five minutes, at least twice a day.

Increase Circulation

Sometimes, poor circulation in the gums can lead to poor healing and bacterial defense.  You can stimulate the flow of blood by gently massaging your gums with your fingers.

Festering Bacteria

And finally, be sure to clean your tongue just as often as you brush your teeth.  The tongue acts like a sponge and soaks up a stunning amount of harmful bacteria.  Most people neglect this process, and the prospective 80% of adults with gum disease in the U.S. is the result.

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