Get Sober Stay Sober

Get Sober Stay Sober

When you decide to quit drinking alcohol, protocol is that you enroll yourself in some program or facilities that will help you kick the habit. For that amount of time, though, your sobriety will be partially dependent on them. Once you’re back home or your program ends, you’re on your own. The onus to build a new life without alcohol is on you. In many cases, people give up and have a relapse. For those of you who don’t want to go back on that wagon, given below are 50 tips that should help you get your life back on track-

1. Don’t start with far-flung goals. For the initial period of the first few months, just focus on getting through the day without a drink.

2. Don’t overestimate your control over your addiction.

3. Practice complete abstinence. Don’t experiment with moderating your intake- you’ll end up going back to square one.

4. Seek out in-patient treatment if you can afford it.

5. Start exercising and take care of your physical appearance.

6. Any relationships that are likely to lead you back to the bottle should be severed immediately.

7. Build new relationships with positive people.

8. Reconnect with friends and loved ones who may have distanced themselves from you during your addiction.

9. Don’t mistake an enthusiasm to change with actual action.

10. Reach out to others in recovery.

11. You’re responsible for your own sobriety.  You can take advice and seek out support, but ultimately you need to be responsible for your own recovery.

12. Do what works for you; never believe anyone who tells you there is a stipulated path for recovery. You can make your own just as long as it gets you to the finish line.

13. Don’t lie to yourself; if what you’re doing doesn’t work, then you have to take action to change.

14. Forgive others.

15. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t accomplish anything.  Accept what happened and move on.

16. Heighten your self-awareness through meditation and self-reflection.

17. Keep busy.  Staying sober is hard enough, but it’s harder if you don’t know how to live life without alcohol.

18. Learn to have fun without alcohol.

19. Talk to your parents.  Regardless of your age, it’s important to communicate with one’s immediate family.

20. Develop a support network.  Build an extended family who understands what you’re going through.

21. Take long walks.

22. Take up an artistic hobby.

23. Take up an outdoor hobby.

24. Take up a social hobby.

25. Re-kindle old hobbies.

26. Be grateful.  Every day, write down 5 things you’re grateful for that day.

27. Join an online recovery forum.  It’ll not only be helpful for staying sober  but also help you enjoy the discussions.

28. Go back to school in case you hadn’t completed your degree; or go to learn another one.

29. Improve your job skills; take part-time courses or learn a new trade.

30. Go to the library.

31. Spend more time with your family.

32. Avoid your old hangouts.

33. Make a bucket list. Then go out and do it.

34. Travel somewhere that’s far removed from the norm; go camping or into the wilderness if you can’t afford international travel.

35. Form productive habits.

36. Leave your comfort zone.

37. Quit smoking.

38. Create the life you want.

39. Stop making excuses.

40. Stop blaming others.

41. Always be willing to learn, and don’t assume you know everything.

42. Reconnect with your religious roots.

43. Give back to the community; volunteer or get involved in a recovery group.

44. Avoid vices.  Don’t replace your alcohol addiction with gambling, pills etc.

45. Don’t get complacent.  It happens after a prolonged period of sobriety. Find something to motivate you.

46. Discover your true passion.

47. If you know your passion, pursue it.

48. Take pride in responsibility.

49. Don’t live in fear.

50. If you do have a relapse, don’t let it turn into the second act of your addiction. Seek help immediately and try and control it before it gets out of hand.


These are just a few tips that will help take your mind off alcohol and ensure your sobriety. If you think of any other activities, by all means, go for it…

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Sagar is co-founder and CTO at Multia, a leading creative agency in Pune. He started his venture when he was 16, he has won numerous international and national web development competitions and has worked on 100+ web, mobile and online marketing projects. He’s a globe-trotter and has traveled to San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Jakarta and Bali Islands.'
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