Neem: 9 Ways This Herb Can Improve Your Life

Neem: 9 Ways This Herb Can Improve Your Life

Neem is an herb that has been used throughout history for various purposes. It is extremely versatile, and was first discovered in India where it grows naturally.  Some use it as a spice or put it in tea, while others use it for personal hygiene and protecting against diseases.  Neem can destroy viruses and fight off bacteria to prevent or cure eczema, ringworm, and even general illnesses and promote overall health.

 Since it is a natural cure there are no dangerous chemicals to harm your body.  It also does not cause irritation or burning when applied, unlike many commercial medicated remedies.  Neem can also be used topically; neem uses its anti-inflammatory power to dull pain and reduce swelling or irritation of cuts and burns.

 Natural Birth Control

 One of the many benefits of neem is its ability to dampen the fertility levels of men and women.  It can also be used as a preventative measure against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), though more research is needed to back up this claim fully.  Unlike other natural birth controls, it does not cause lasting damage to the reproductive system and will not dullen sexual performance.

 Healthier Skin

 Scabies, a highly contagious infection of the skin causing severe itching and irritation, is a common skin condition that may be tough to dispel.  Neem acts as a topical treatment for scabies by killing and removing the mites that infest the skin.  It is also used to relieve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

While it is not yet fully proven, neem may be a viable treatment for fibromyalgia and other related diseases.  It is proven, however, that neem is quite useful in healing both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.

Fungus Killer

Edunin and nimbidol are two substances found in the neem plant which are well-known to seriously damage or outright destroy most types of fungus.  This is especially useful in treating fungus-based diseases, or of course using it as an anti-fungal cleaning agent.

Virus Absorber

Neem does not actually destroy viruses.  Instead, it attracts and absorbs them, effectively concentrating the virus in one place where it can be destroyed.  When ingested as an extract, viruses will cling to the neem instead of spreading throughout one’s system.

Bacteria Killer

As another one of the cleaning-related neem benefits, this herb can act as an anti-bacterial agent that is entirely natural and safe.  It can also be used as a topical treatment for various bacteria-related skin conditions, such as acne or rashes.  It has been used for centuries as a way to tend to minor cuts, preventing infection locally and reducing swelling.

Repelling Insects

This is one of the few safe, non-chemical solutions to bug sprays and other insect repellants.  It works equally well for both humans and pets, making it quite a versatile product.  Since it is actually healthy to consume, one does not have to worry about accidentally ingesting it or having their pets lick it off.  Use neem on people or pets to keep fleas and lice at bay, or as a spot treatment for any insect pest.

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

Brushing and/or gargling with a product that incorporates neem will eliminate bacteria found in the mouth. This is a great and safe way to treat halitosis and gum disease, as well as prevent the formation of cavities and protect the enamel of the teeth in general.


Neem greatly boosts the amount of oxygen that travels through the body via red blood cells, which can help to ward off malaria. This claim requires more testing to be held as a fact.

Preventing Cancer and Diabetes

Though only limited research has been done on the topic of neem’s effect on cancer, it has been seen that it protects the body against breast cancer by strengthening a specific part of the immune system.  It also acts a reduction in the body’s dependency on insulin, meaning that it could ultimately be a cure for diabetics.

Adverse Effects of Neem

Considering that the first item on this list is a natural birth control property, it only makes sense that neem can cause serious pregnancy issues.  Anything from miscarriages to birth complications could arise.  It is also unsuitable for any individuals who fit the following descriptions:

  • Infants or toddlers;
  • People with liver complications;
  • Anyone with a current or past illness or complication of the stomach;
  • People with kidney problems.

Of course, taking too much of anything can result in unprecedented problems.  Use neem in moderation, and be careful not to mix it with any other drug or supplement that provides the same effect(s) on a significant scale.  As always, it is wise to consult your physician before using any medication, natural or not.

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