Rosacea: 18 Easy Home Treatments

Rosacea: 18 Easy Home Treatments

The condition known as rosacea enlarges the blood vessels in the body, primarily in the cheeks, nose, and chin area.  It causes the skin to appear red as if it were afflicted with a rash, and is generally brought on by adverse reactions to ingested substances or focused high temperatures.  Some believe that rosacea is a hereditary condition as well.  It is a lasting condition that may come back repeatedly even after it is initially treated.   Various natural home remedies for rosacea exist, though one should always consult with a doctor before deciding to use any treatment.  Be aware that, while it may resemble acne to some degree, rosacea is NOT acne and many acne medications or herbal cures actually amplify the problem.

Supplements and Dietary Solutions

This condition can be treated in some cases by simply taking supplements by mouth or changing one’s diet to include the necessary elements.

Increase Zinc

Zinc is one of the most basic natural remedies for rosacea.  There are zinc supplements in pill form, but simply focusing on zinc in your diet can bring about relief.  It can also provide general improvements to skin health.  Increase your daily zinc levels by at least 50 milligrams.

Grapeseed Extract

This powerful anti-inflammatory agent is also an antioxidant.  It is less potent than zinc when taken alone, but it affects rosacea in a different way, so it can be taken concurrently.  Add 150 milligrams of this to your daily diet.

Flaxseed Oil

Three teaspoons daily of flaxseed oil will give the body more power to reduce inflammation.  It does this by providing a concentrated dose of useful fatty acids.

Red Clover

This is possibly the safest natural rosacea treatment as it has very few possible side effects and adverse reactions are extremely rare.  Tea steeped from red clover will provide near instant relief from irritation and return the skin to its normal tone over time.

Cat’s Claw

This lesser known herb boosts the body’s defense against adverse reactions to food by fostering healthiness of the intestines, preventing one of the main causes of rosacea.  Take 500 milligrams of this three times a day.  It is not safe for pregnant or nursing women, nor is it safe for anyone concerned about thin blood.

Gotu Kola

This herb is another great general skin care product that doubles as a natural rosacea treatment.  It should be taken thrice daily at 100 milligrams each time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding this to your tea (red clover tea, for example) can reduce inflammation and provide quick relief from irritation or pain symptoms.  It can also be applied directly to the skin.

Extract of Licorice

While commonly known as a delectable treat, licorice extract is actually an extremely powerful and diverse natural medicine rich in nutrients.  The extract is made from the root, and contains flavonoids, glycyrrhizin, phytosterols and other substances, all of which combat rosacea in one form or another.

Treating Rosacea Topically

Beware that topical skin treatments always come with the possibility for adverse reactions, especially in the case of allergies.  It is best to try a small amount in a more discrete area if possible before moving on to a full mask.

Aloe Vera

Commonly found in gel form in stores everywhere, aloe vera is a fantastic treatment for any number of things such as burns, inflammation, and of course, rosacea.  It can be taken orally (not in gel form, of course), though it generally works better as a topical treatment.

Rose Hip

Oil made from rose hips (the fruit that grows on roses) works great for a number of more severe skin problems, such as eczema, blistering, and scars.  Just a few drops a couple of times a day is enough to diminish the effects of rosacea.


Making a face mask out of finely blended cucumbers works well as a rosacea home treatment, especially since most people have cucumbers readily available.  Cucumber masks leave the skin feeling fresh as well.  Leave the mask on for a half of an hour, then rinse it off with medium-cool water; the condition should improve after 30 days, eventually fading completely.  While it may seem tedious to repeat this for an entire month, remember that it is also helping your skin in other ways.


Another mask that can be made from common home foods is an apple mask.  Any kind of apple can be used for this.  Simply skin the apple, mash it up to create a paste, and apply it to the skin for fifteen minutes.  Rinse it off afterwards with medium-cool water.  The results are comparable to cucumber masks, though this may be one of the cheaper rosacea home remedies.

Horse Chestnuts

These chestnuts are less common in homes, but nonetheless work well when applied topically as a cream.  Some products use horse chestnuts for other purposes, so finding a commercial product with a high concentration of this ingredient could help.  Making a pure ointment or cream is always the best option, nonetheless.


Regular oatmeal (not flavored or sweetened oats) can be used similarly to a paste.  It is great for treating severe inflammatory conditions, like chicken pox, or lesser problems like basic itching and irritation.  Rosacea is dispelled by oatmeal; simply mix it with water to form a thick (but saturated) mixture and apply it to the afflicted areas.  Let it sit until it dries, then rinse it off.

Herbal Pastes

A combination of coriander, turmeric, and milk can be made into a paste to greatly sooth and protect the skin.  It will cure rosacea relatively quickly, and can be kept in the refrigerator for later use.  It should be applied twice daily in intervals of ten minutes each.  Be warned that turmeric can turn the skin slightly yellow when used repeatedly.

Green Tea

This is another fairly common household product that can be used to restore the enlarged blood vessels to their original state.  Simply rub the tea (or the bag, if you prefer) on the afflicted area.

Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil to treat rosacea is a little more dangerous.  It must be diluted first, as it will irritate the skin if used at full potency.  Also, be extremely careful not to ingest this oil or get it in your eyes.

Cold Chamomile Compress

Possibly the strongest of all rosacea home remedies, a cold chamomile compress can be made by boiling store-bought chamomile tea or making it fresh, then cooling it in the refrigerator.  Soak a clean washcloth in the tea and press it firmly against your face to instantly soothe the discomfort and revert the condition.  Be aware that chamomile tea can set off allergic reactions in anyone who is also allergic to marigolds, daisies, milk thistle, artichokes, or ragweeds.

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