14 Small Guard Dogs That Make Excellent Watchdogs

14 Small Guard Dogs That Make Excellent Watchdogs

One of the most coveted characteristics that most people look for in a dog is whether or not they make good watchdogs. But who did ever consider having small guard dogs? They may not be scary, when it comes to size, but they can be excellent at protecting you.

To help you with your decision, we have given a list below that lists the best guard dogs in the smaller breeds.

14 Cuties That Turn into Small Guard Dogs

1. The Yorkshire Terrier

This dog is available in two sizes – small, and even smaller. They reach a weight of around 7 – 15 pounds.

2. The Miniature Poodle

The small poodle loves its family and this is why it’s an awesome watchdog. Its jealousy can make it a good guard for your home.

3. The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu does not get along with other dogs and children. So, they become watchdogs instantly. They pay attention to you and all of your belongings due to their need for cuddle.

4. The Miniature Schnauzer

This Schnauzer has every reason to be your favorite watchdog. They can be easily trained and they sense an intruder right away and start barking.

5. The West Highland White Terrier

This white cutie may be a bit stubborn. Yet, they make excellent watchdogs against other persons and dogs.

 6. The Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier is an awesome and agile watchdog. However, it may bark for no reason from time to time – but you can train this side of your dog.

 7. The Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is very energetic and is a suitable watchdog. However, they seem to dislike the company of other dogs – and they are pretty aggressive when it comes to them.

 8. The Miniature American Eskimo

Though their behavior is sometimes a bit destructive, these dogs are excellent watchdogs and they sense a new sense or person immediately.

9. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Although this dog is pretty polite with other people, it is good at guarding you as it senses danger instantly due to its strong bond with its family.

10. The Mexican Hairless (Toy)

The Mexican Hairless Toy dog is loyal, affectionate and feels the mood of its owner. It is suspicious of strangers and takes each intruder as a potential enemy.

11. The American Hairless Terrier

This dog is independent. Yet, they don’t enjoy cuddling from strangers. They pay attention to them and this makes the American Hairless Terriers awesome guards for their owners.

12. The Coton De Tulear

This dog has everything that a family needs. It looks gorgeous, it is polite and gets along with children. They bark and sense an intruder right away. But the danger only lasts for a few seconds. So, we can say that they are guard dogs 0, watchdogs 1.

13. The German Hunting Terrier

The instinct of this breed is to naturally hunt other animals. So, they make excellent watchdogs especially for children in outdoor space.

14. The Klein German Spitz

The Klein German Spitz is optimistic by nature. This dog seems to smile all the time. It loves walks, but it dislikes stranger. This is why it’s a good watchdog even when you’re not paying attention to your kids.

Wrapping Up

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These 14 pets are both cute and agile and make such good watchdogs for their owners. We gave you 14 small guard dogs to choose from for you and your family.

Did your dog ever turn into a watchdog almost instantly? Tell us all about it!

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